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  • Cyber Risk

  • Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions or E&O)

  • Directors & Officers (D&O)

  • Business Owners & Umbrella

  • Workers Compensation, Auto

  • Employment Practices Liability

  • Bonds

  • Crime, Fiduciary Liability

  • Unique & Specialty Products


  • Technology/IT Professionals

  • Consultants

  • Insurance Agents/Brokers

  • Real Estate (Title, Escrow/Closing, Inspectors, Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers)

  • Trustees

  • Home-Based Businesses

  • Independent Contractors/Gig Workers

  • Staffing

  • Non-Profits

  • Other Professional Classes

Are you operating a business with unique or challenging exposures?  Have a question?

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Specialty insurance is the segment of the insurance industry which provides coverage for unusual, complex and challenging exposures, and is where innovative new products are developed.  Using an expert partner to approach underwriters experienced in the specific coverages needed is essential to reach an appropriate balance between comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing.  Rather than settle for coverage that does not match your unique exposures, get coverage solutions tailored to your needs.


Specialty Insurance Examples:


  • Unusual, Complex & Challenging Exposures

    • Technology Errors & Omissions/Cyber Risk

    • Product Liability

    • Digital Healthcare Services Liability

    • Errors & Omissions – All Classes (Consultants, Staffing, etc)

    • Bonds

    • Directors & Officers Liability

    • Construction

    • Catastrophe-Exposed Property

    • Marine Coverages


  • Innovative & Niche Coverages

    • Cyber Risk

    • Reps & Warranties (Transactional Insurance)

    • Prize Indemnity

    • Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

    • Specialty Events

    • Gig Worker Liability

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Our experience in specialty insurance markets and coverages provides the basis for competitive coverage solutions for you.  After we get to know your organization and exposures, we will gather information from you for underwriters and provide you with coverage options. 


Does specialty mean more time to get covered?  It depends.  Effective placement of specialty insurance experience, expertise and access to specialized underwriters.  The process is quick and easy for some coverages because we know what is needed and where to get it done, fast.  For other more complex risks the process can take more time.  In both cases, we can assess the need, provide a sense of timing and access specialty underwriters on your behalf.



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Your Specialty Insurance Expert

Our experience in specialty insurance markets and coverages provides competitive coverage solutions for you.  Our goal is to simplify the purchase of competitive specialty insurance and to make specialty insurance understandable, accessible, efficient and affordable.  We are adding digital capabilities to increase ease of use and efficiencies as our markets allow.



eSpecialty Insurance provides expertise and competitive coverage solutions for your specialty risks. Let us know how we can assist with your specialty insurance needs.

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