Specialty Insurance Experts, Digital Solutions

eSpecialty Insurance brings specialty insurance expertise to your community, platform, or system.  We provide digital solutions for your unusual, complex, or challenging insurance exposures, built into your technology process.  Accessible, affordable, understandable.  Delivered efficiently, customized for you. 

Looking for a digital specialty insurance solution for your community?     


Technology Solutions – How it Works

Our technology solutions enable us to deliver accessible, affordable, and understandable specialty insurance, efficiently, and customized for your situation.  Combining our specialty insurance expertise and our technology resources, we are able to provide competitive coverage solutions for your community.  Whether through custom insurance products, market-like access or embedded solutions, your platform participants will find efficient coverage solutions to their specialty insurance needs.


Your platform and community participants will benefit:


  • Accessible – we integrate with your existing community or platform to provide access to multiple coverage options

  • Affordable – our relationships with specialty insurance markets allow us to deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive prices, and negotiate volume pricing due to scale

  • Understandable – we support specialty insurance products with recommendations, market intelligence, and product experts

  • Efficient – we harness technology to drive the placement process for increasingly larger percentages of the population, resulting in a seamless coverage experience

Does your community, platform or system have a specialty insurance need or unusual exposure?  


Digital Models

Digital models vary depending on the attributes of your community and your technology platform.  Examples include:


Embedded Insurance – provide insurance to your community or platform participants automatically based on their interactions with your platform.


Example:  Professional service organizations utilize your technology platform to manage their businesses.  Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is provided to these professional service organizations when using your platform to transact business.


Platform Integration – offer customized insurance to meet the protection needs of your platform participants.


Example:  Cyber Risk insurance is provided to community members from multiple insurers customized for their specific cyber risk exposure and business needs.


Service Integration – offer customized insurance, designed to complement your product or service, to your customers.


Example:  Specialty insurance customized to complement your professional service is provided to your customers along with your service.


Does your community have a challenging insurance exposure?


Specialty Insurance Experts, Digital Solutions


We are specialty insurance experts using technology to unlock specialty insurance solutions through your platform or process.  Our experience in specialty insurance markets and coverages gives us access to competitive coverage solutions, and our technology resources embed these solutions seamlessly into your platform or process. 

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